Vanilla Cream Body Butter

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Vanilla cream hand blended body butter which melts into oil on the skin.

An uplifting and mood boosting moisturiser.

This 80g tin contains an enriched, thick, whipped cream with no added water eliminating the need for preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Only pure natural ingredients & organic oils are used including:

  • organic shea butter, organic coconut oil & organic cocoa butter to feed vital vitamin A & E to the skin, as well as essential fatty acids. This aids skin growth and repair and prevents premature ageing;
  • organic safflower oil combines with sebum in the skin to unclog pores and reduce blackheads. It aids in the healing of scar tissue;
  • organic jojoba oil resembles sebum and acts as a natural skin conditioner;
  • vanilla pods infused in organic sunflower oil has antioxidant, anti-depressant and relaxing properties;
  • may chang with strong antiseptic properties to treat oily skin, blemishes and acne;
  • infused lavender flower oil relieves stress, reduces inflammation, lowers skin irritation, improves mood and promotes restful sleep.

    Wrapped in minimal, recyclable, paper packaging.

    Made by Averil
    Averil is an alchemist who harnesses nature's bounty for heavenly beauty experiences on earth. She is a horticulturalist who uses her vast understanding of plants and herbs to create moisturising remedies for the body, mind & heart. Her concoctions of humble ingredients are surprisingly powerful and luxurious. She creates lush products that are a real treat.