About us

Owner of Drumgreenagh Craft & Design Shop

Hello, I'm Karen and I've knack for finding truly unique, consciously-made gifts that make people feel cherished.

I hate waste and love, love, love anything handmade, it connects me to the people and place around me.

I find it hard to justify buying myself anything new these days, just so much mass, mindless consumption around. Stuff destined for landfill, made by people living hard lives in tough conditions. So I find ethically made bits and bobs and feel I've done well and created a little bit of happiness in the world. I try to buy local, support other women in business and be kind to animals and the planet.

And when I want to get that shopping high? I buy gifts! I can always justify treating someone dear to me with a little something special. Hence, I created Drumgreenagh Craft & Design Shop, a completely ethical gift store, based in Galway, Ireland. I get such joy from letting people know they are loved and appreciated. So much so I also offer a complimentary gift matching service where I hunt down cool gifts for that someone who has everything - from a business that shares my values of course.

Enjoy browsing at Drumgreenagh and remember to...