Penguin Wall Art A5

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A5 digital print of a penguin character.

Such fun animal wall art, suitable for a girl's or boy's room.

Each animal is made using watercolour and caran d'ache neocolour pastel which is then reproduced as a high quality digital print.

This A5 print is 15 x 21 cm, (approximately 4 x 8¼ in) and makes a great gift for children.

Let their creativity run wild with these animal characters.

Real or imaginary? From land or sea? There are no limits; we have flamingos, koalas, dinosaurs, unicorns and more!

Can't choose a favourite? Frame two or three animals together to create an eye-catching piece of art.

You can rest at ease knowing the artist gets every penny we pay for these prints.

Made by Susanna.
Susanna has created a series of animal characters unlike anything we have seen before. Using mixed media and illustrating in dots, dashes, stripes and scribbles, her animals retain a wide-eyed innocence as as she catches them in action. We adore her zany take on the animal kingdom.