Hawaiian Sunshine Toiletries Bag

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Sunny and colourful make up bag.

Featuring the foliage and floral flotsam of a sandy Hawaiian shore.

A little reminder of that holiday feeling, everyday.

Digitally printed 100% cotton wash bag with a waterproof nylon lining. 

This bag is a great size to fit plenty of make up inside, yet small enough to pop in your handbag.  It measures 18 x 14 cm and is 7 cm wide, (7 x 5½ x 2¾ in).

Made by Natalie
Natalie's colourful interpretation of nature produces spirited and uplifting illustrations that brighten any day. She combines abstract and real elements to reveal leafy patterns drenched in optimism. Life is never mundane with Natalie. Her prints are simply marvellous.