Country Animals Tea Towel

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Bold and beautiful 100% cotton tea towel featuring animals of the Irish landscape. 

A colourful gift for lovers of the great outdoors. 

Looks great framed.

Crisp, digitally printed artwork from hand printed linocut designs of a pheasant, fox, red squirrel, hare, snipe and cockerel.

This crisp white cotton tea towel measures approximately 74 x 48 cm | 29 x 19 in and comes complete with a hanging loop.

Please wash on a gentle cycle.

Made by Joanna 
Joanna is a nature lover and her artwork is a visual relay of the wildlife encounters of her outdoor escapades. She delivers a close up view of lively animals in a series of linocut stills. She uses a dynamic palette of earthy tones to create scenes that are warm, inviting and a pleasurable addition to any home.