Balance No.1 A2 Print

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A three colour screen print with traditional brass foiling.

A playful piece of art which uses form and colour to portray a moment of dynamism.

This stand alone print can also be displayed with other prints from our Balance series to create a compelling triptych; a three piece conversation on light, movement, shape and colour.

This traditionally foiled screen print is hand-pulled using water based inks and is produced on 200gsm corn crush paper: 
an eco-friendly paper made with agro-industrial waste from organic coffee, fruits, nuts, flower and corn processing.

It is A2 size, measuring 42 x 29.4 cm | 23⅓ x 16½ in. 

Frame is not included.

Made by Kirsty
Kirsty is a prolific designer with an appreciation of traditional graft and a social conscience to boot. She oversees labours of painstaking craftsmanship to produce ultra modern items that are joyously upbeat. We celebrate her independent spirit and impeccable taste.