Wooden Bird Teether

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A stimulating and tactile wooden teething ring made from beech wood.

This teether offers sensory surfaces, shapes and colours to captivate the attention of your little one and offer some much needed chomp-down relief for sore gums. 

95% of the wood used is from a responsible forestry programme in a local national park ✔︎
This is a carbon aware business that designs, sources and makes products within a small local radius ✔︎
A handful of family businesses and workshops help in the production of these products, employing socially, physically or mentally disadvantaged people ✔︎
No harmful plastic or silicone is used in this baby gift, it is non-toxic and eco-friendly ✔︎
This is a female led business ✔︎

Recommended age: 6 months+
Size: approx. 16 x 11 x 3 cm
Material: leather and beech wood

This baby teether is handmade & hand-painted and may vary slightly from pictures shown.

Made by Anna 
Anna designs timeless items for animated play and exploration of nature with specific customers in mind - her daughters. Tried & tested at home, her products are exquisite pieces of craftsmanship designed to encourage open-ended play for hours of imaginative fun. The local landscape, flora & fauna is reflected in every piece, offering children a chance to slow down, connect with nature and be screen-free. Durable and non toxic, they also offer reassurance to mums and dads who yearn for healthy play environments. These gifts are a true find for wholesome learning and enlightened development in our fast paced world.