Geranium & Vetiver Candle

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Geranium and vetiver essential oils are beautifully blended to give a sophisticated, earthy and floral scent.

This candle creates a warm, floral scent reminiscent of an age-old glasshouse filled with geraniums and herbs.

Vetiver and geranium essential oils are known for their soothing and grounding properties which can assist with calming the nervous system and stress reduction.

180ml jar.

Approximate burn time of 50 hours.

All natural soy wax and essential oil candle  ✔︎
No synthetic fragrances or paraffin wax  ✔︎
Handmade in small batches in Co. Wicklow  ✔︎
Petrochemical free | Paraben free | Palm oil free | Plastic free | Vegan  ✔︎

Made by Ella

Not all candles are made equal. Ella is an ex-chef whose taste for the finer things in life manifests beyond the plate. Her Covid lockdown foray into scent spawned an obsession with essential oils and candle making; the result of which is deliciously palatable. From a converted stable surrounded by nature she delves into farmyard calm to infuse tantalising scents that enhance the milieu.