Pink & Brass Circle Element Bangle

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Blush hue of pink and solid brass, circular bangle. 

A delight for fans of minimalism with a super thin, elementary design.

Soft, feminine yet bold and courageous.

Looks great on its own or worn stacked with other colours.

Mix and match with necklaces, earrings and other colours from the Element jewellery range.

This bangle is 7cm in diameter, (2¾ in) and a few mm thick.

Handcrafted using Formica and solid brass. Over time the metal will age naturally, developing a richer, darker tone.

To restore the original shine, gently clean the metal with a polishing cloth. Newly polished metal can be waxed with Renaissance Wax to protect the surface and avoid further tarnish.

Store jewellery safely to minimise exposure to the air and reduce tarnishing and avoid direct contact with water, perfume, creams and other sprays.

Made by Kirsty
Kirsty is a prolific designer with an appreciation of traditional graft and a social conscience to boot. She oversees labours of painstaking craftsmanship to produce ultra modern items that are joyously upbeat. We celebrate her independent spirit and impeccable taste.