Framed Original Painting - New Growth

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An original piece of artwork on Irish linen featuring the Northern Irish landscape. 

New Growth is the promise of rebirth and a reminder of ever lasting opportunities.

A blue hue to blend with any interior colour scheme.

A chance to own an original piece of art.

This piece is produced by a mixed media combination of painting and monotype etching and is completely unique.

This artwork comes with an archival mount and is framed in a bespoke solid wood whitewashed box frame which measures approximately 25 x 25 cm | 10 x 10 in.

Made by Ruth
Ruth interprets nature, the seasons, and folklore on a linen canvas to produce enchanting moments in the Northern Irish countryside. Each moment is a chance to pause, each piece gently rouses the senses. Her linens diffuse light, colour and atmosphere. Ruth creates a beautiful opportunity for you to own original works of art that are vastly pleasing.