Wild Island Candle

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This candle will whisk you away to the Irish Wild Atlantic Way Isles.

A refreshing combination of patchouli, heather, bluebells and cedarwood.

A candle even he will appreciate.

Each candle contains 10% fragrance, above the industry standard of between 3 - 7%.

This candle is hand poured into a lightweight tin which measures approximately 7.5 cm | 3 in across and 6.5 cm | 2½ in high.

USA sustainably farmed Kosher soy wax ✔︎
Lead-free pure cotton wicks with paper core ✔︎
Vegan ✔︎
No palm wax ✔︎
No beeswax ✔︎
No petroleum ✔︎
No pesticides nor herbicides ✔︎
Recycled & recyclable packaging ✔︎
United Nations Climate Neutral Now Pledge signatory ✔︎

Always place candles on a heat-resistant base and set on a level stable surface. Do not leave your candles unattended, place away from drafts, children and pets.

Made by Michael
Michael is an exemplar craftsperson whose prowess produces candles of a quality that is unsurpassed. He is one of the few candlemakers who blends his own scents. As such, his work is often copied, never equalled. He is a 100% hands-on connoisseur of naturally occurring and authentic aromas. His ability to distill scent into a tin both captivates and bewilders us.

He works at a standard of ethical and environmentally sensitive rigour that is nothing short of impressive. His small business takes big action, donating to the United Nations Population fund to support women of all ages. He is as generous as he is discerning and we treasure the experience he gifts us with each candle.