Green Irish Woollen Blanket | Throw

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100% soft, lightweight lambswool throw for decoration, warmth and comfort.

A luxurious sofa or bed accessory, these twill weave blankets add a gentle dash of colour to your interiors.

The complimentary yarn colours mean these throws are an ideal housewarming gift; they match practically any colour scheme.

They are contemporary without being brash.

Isn't this green blanket just lovely!

May your sofa days and box-set nights be truly cosy.

Available in 5 colour options; grey, blue, green, purple & red.

These blankets are happily an environmentally positive choice. Wool is a breathable, natural fibre, which is renewable, sustainable and biodegradable.

Wool is also hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Dry cleaning is recommended.

Made by Mary & Philip
This husband and wife team continue a family tradition of Irish wool fabrication originating in the 18th century. True artisans of the fleece to fabric process, they manufacture wool from a protected breed of sheep found in the west of Ireland in addition to designing and weaving. The duo are therefore a rare find in the wool industry internationally. To own one of their woollen textiles is to own a piece of history. We are honoured to work with these custodians of Irish wool craft.