Gile Disc Earrings

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Drop pendant earrings made from hand-painted fabric & metallic leaf, cemented in a high sheen gloss for extra lustre.

Sgraffito batik decorated textiles cut into disc shapes are suspended on hypo-allergenic silver-plated wire for eye-catching ear wear.

Unique to this maker, these earrings are as detailed on the back as on the front, so they look wonderful from every angle.

Sustainable ✔︎
Low Impact ✔︎
Slow Fashion ✔︎
Hypo-allergenic ✔︎
Super Lightweight ✔︎

Earrings measure approximately 9 cm long, the disc measures 3.5 cm in diameter.

Made by Frances 
Frances creates spellbinding jewellery. Each piece is a labour of love, created using the ancient techniques of batik, shibori, sgraffito and gilding to produce genuinely unique, wearable art. She is a wizard of sorts, conjuring contemporary shapes and urban glamour from centuries-old practices in her rural mountain abode. In a saturated market where the same products can be found the world over, it is truly heartening to discover Frances and her avant garde collection. We are enchanted by her talent.