Conker Fight Bog Imp Tales

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It's the Conker Championships and the Imps have their eyes on the prize.

The championship is fierce as Faeries, Leprechauns and even smelly Rosie the farting donkey fight it out to be crowned this year's Conker King or Queen!

Peek inside the magical world of the Irish Bog Imps and revel in their escapades of mischievousness and mayhem. A fab read for young and old alike.

Written by Richard & illustrated by Kevin
Conjured by Richard McCloskey-Wall, these stories reveal an entirely original world where impish pursuits lead to tales of high jinks and comeuppance that enthral readers and will garner squeals of delight. Accompanied by wondrously energetic illustrations by Kevin McHugh, these books are an irresistible page turner. This is the stuff folklore is made of.