Handmade Coffee Cup with Art Print

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Unique ceramic coffee cup with art print inside and out.

These handmade cups are a wee mood booster even without any caffeine. Keep drinking and you will see there is decoration even on the inside.

Coloured slips are applied to earthenware slabs with various tools giving each slab a unique pattern. The slab of clay is folded in a teardrop shape, creating a handle organically. 

The form is unpretentious. Adorned in print, it is colourful and playful.

If ever a cup required you to stick out your pinky finger when drinking from it, it is this cup. Vibrant and colourful, this is an ideal gift for an espresso drinker.

As this cup is handmade the measurements of 8.5cm tall, 6cm in diameter and 10.5cm from vessel edge to handle edge are approximate.

Like all our handmade gifts, every penny we pay for these cups goes straight to the maker, who sets the price for their product. You can't get more fair trade than that!

Cup is hand wash only.

Made by Aoife
Aoife is bringing zing into our homes with her practical, energetic crockery. Her colourful designs may be splatter and scribble but her work is all grown up. She is based in Ireland and she designs and makes these gifts. We just love her vibe.

[Photo credits: Éilis O' Gara Photography & John Galvin Mulitimedia Artist]