Bye Bye Bye Socks

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Who hangs up first? Socks for the long goodbye.

What do you notice when you are on the phone to an Irish person. They say goodbye a hundred times!

Witty socks for having the craic.

Designed in Ireland for Irish people all over the world who are well used to saying bye bye, bye, bye bye bye, bye...

Unisex design.

Totally seamless.

Composed of  certified Oeko-tex 80% cotton, 17% polymide, 3% elastane.

Made by Alex & Joanna
Alex & Joanna's cheery take on Irish culture and colour will put a skip in your step. They have created a 'socksciety' of devoted fans clamouring for their humorous, retro designs, raising the lowest of the lower limbs to the height of funkster fashion. They have transformed the humble sock into the pièce de résistance of any outfit and even branched into head apparel, so that we all are "havin' the craic from head to toe".