Sterling Silver with Gold Dash Small Disc Studs

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Organic shaped rounds of sterling silver with subtle 24 carat gold dash embellishment.

Texture is added by the imprint of a feather.

These earrings compliment any necklace from the Gold Dash series or work well on their own. 

A go-to pair of studs for every day wear measuring approximately 9 mm (⅓ in).

Store your sterling silver jewellery safely to minimise exposure to the air and to reduce tarnishing.

Oxidised pieces should not be polished as this will remove the surface colour.

Occasionally clean with a soft cloth.

Made by Sandra
Sandra's experimental approach and exploration of materials have resulted in a jewellery line of instant classics. Working predominantly in sterling silver, she has created intriguing pieces that make the everyday feel special. She takes simple geometric forms and adds real flair through texture and embellishment. Sandra has made us fall in love with silver all over again!